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Our studies and barometers related to micromobility and MPTV

When we talk about micromobility, we are referring to machines
motorized personal transport vehicles with electric propulsion (MPTV).

In this theme, we address the issues related to electric scooters, gyroroues,
electric balance bikes, Segways, electric skateboards or even hoverboards.
Here you will find data concerning gear sales, uses, practices and user profiles.

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Data and studies of 50 cc equivalent electric vehicles

The category of electric mopeds concerns all vehicles comparable to 50cc thermal vehicles, i.e. an engine power between 400 W and 4 KW, which must be registered. According to the European nomenclature, this brings together the machines of categories L1e and L6e.

Find machine registration data in two possible formats: monthly reports making the information easy to use and accessible to all your internal contacts or monthly raw data which gives you the freedom to choose the format yourself data valuation.

Discover our micromobility market pack

The MPTV market has seen double-digit growth every year since 2017. But what about the years to come? We offer you a pack in which you will find the EPDM 2021 sales barometer and the barometer of self-service electric scooter operators.

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Gain freedom while working
raw data yourself

You are used to processing data and you want to customize your reports. We provide you with all the data in .csv format so that you can process them as you wish.

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Personalize your studies, thanks to our tailor-made offer

You are faced with a specific use case. Contact our expert who will build the most appropriate study methodology with you.

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Discover our
Training courses

Smart Mobility Lab offers training and awareness-raising actions around new forms of mobility. Make your employees aware of the use of electric scooters, electric unicycles, electric skateboards, Segways… Integrate new forms of mobility into your CSR policy by training your teams.

About Smart Mobility Lab

Committed to the process of sustainable, light and multimodal mobility,
we decipher emerging mobility and explore new forms of mobility
faced with the rise of environmental, societal and digital challenges.
We bring an integrated approach by combining our solutions around 4 pillars:
data, studies, prospective and training.

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