The SML Academy , from awareness to professional training.

Our Academy SML training center provides sessions around the issue of soft mobility and new mobility.

The SML Academy offers 3 types of services:

  • Training sessions via on-site modules in the company or in E-learning
  • Raising awareness among the general public or with employees in companies: tests of soft mobility devices, secure routes, risk prevention, etc.
  • Training design & pedagogical engineering: design of content and pedagogical processes

Two major key themes:


Deciphering the new mobility market

Training based on the business expertise of Smart Mobility Lab consultants.

Whether in urban or non-dense areas, multimodal and intermodal practices are intensifying. What alternatives to self-soloism? What new strategies have been put in place by players in the sector? Are you a mobility player? Do you need to build skills to implement appropriate strategies?

Drawing on its experience and expertise in the sector, Smart Mobility Lab has set itself the task of training professionals in the search for information on the mobility market.

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Developing an eco-mobility approach

Risk prevention and training in soft mobility: reduce accidents and the carbon impact of your teams’ trips.

The new uses of EDPM-type vehicles are changing the way we move. Do you observe the development of the use of these new modes of transport within your company or your local authority? Do some of your employees use these new forms of mobility for their work-home journeys or for professional journeys?

To ensure the safety of your employees, you would like to offer them the opportunity to follow training sessions for the acquisition of responsible driving in response to today’s societal challenges.


Contact our expert image/svg+xml Enter an ecomobility approach

The SML Academy, integrating the challenges of micromobility into your projects.

Programs whose objective is to increase the skills of your employees in this major area of new mobility

The SML Academy offers tailor-made training adapted to your organization:

  • Anticipating micromobility market trends.
  • Integrate the challenges of new mobility into your CSR policy
  • Define the specificities and operation of the mobility market
  • Identify the legal context and future developments
  • Analyze the strategies and positioning of market players
  • Recognize emerging solutions
  • Identify the challenges of the battery and recycling sector…

With the SML Academy, enter into an eco-mobility approach .

Raise awareness and train your employees in the safe practice of motorized personal transport vehicles.

From the simple user to the referent internal to your company, the SML Academy offers you formats adapted to your needs.

Partner of Road Prevention since 2017, Smart Mobility Lab has an expert team whose primary mission is to prevent
risks and to secure uses:

  • Learn to situate oneself in the road environment with other vehicles,
  • Putting new habits into practice, recalling good practices and points of vigilance vis-à-vis other users,
  • Learn to use your bike or scooter via a dedicated course,
  • Learn the rules for the circulation of machines,
  • Raising awareness, discovering and experimenting with new machines: electric scooters, unicycles, electric skateboards and other motorized personal transport vehicles.

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