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The SML DataStore is a catalog of data, studies and expert reports to shed light on the understanding of the new mobility sector. It stimulates decision-making through expert knowledge of the sector, companies, their environment, competition and the ecosystem as a whole.

We are developing a unique platform, continuously enriched and powered by our team of experts to provide insights and advice to players in the mobility market in France and Europe. Our data is designed to support decision-makers in their strategic orientations. They are collected directly from players in the sectors studied, as well as through dedicated observatories, qualitative and quantitative surveys and documentary means. The SML DataStore publishes new studies available online every year.

The DataStore SML is based on the integrated approach of the Smart Mobility Lab firm by combining its data expertise, market forecasts and studies.

Find data formats and analyzes corresponding to each of your needs

On our DataStore SML platform, you will find analysis reports integrating all of our expertise in the new mobility sector and raw data files in csv format.

Our analysis reports : facilitate the understanding and dissemination of information.

The Smart Mobility Lab teams, made up of data scientists and experts in the new mobility sector, collect the data, enrich it and analyze it. In order to make this information accessible to everyone, we lay out the data using a simple and readable infographic.

Our goal is to enable all of your teams to take ownership of these analyzes and use them easily. You will directly download reports in .pdf format that can be distributed internally.

Our reports combine graphs highlighting the lessons of our analysis and editorial sections that will provide you with an overall view.

Analysis reports that we re-update each year, or even each semester depending on the subject.

Our raw data : your analysis in complete autonomy

For those who need raw data to feed their internal information system, we provide enriched files in .csv format.

You will be able to integrate them directly and freely perform all the statistical processing and data cross-referencing you will need.


Access monthly updated data such as our moped and quadricycle registration data.

Data categorized by types of vehicles and machinery


EDPMs (motorized personal transport devices) are devices that have developed significantly over the past 5 years. In this category, we find electric scooters, unicycles and electric skateboards.

In our various reports and data, you will find global analyzes regardless of the type of gear. In order to be as close as possible to the reality on the ground, we offer you differentiated analyzes for each of the machines in the category.

4kW MOPED MOTORS (L1e to L5e)

These vehicles and machines include all scooters, balance bikes, speedbikes and electric motorcycles with a power equivalent to 50cc and a speed limited to 45km/h. According to the European standard, these machines are codified L1e to L5e and whose registration is compulsory. We are able to provide you with differentiated data that will allow you to follow the evolution of each of these machines.


Electric balance bikes are limited to a speed of 25km/h. They are equipped with a motor of 350W maximum, and have the obligation not to exceed 165 cm in length and 30 kg. These technical characteristics were included in Decree No. 2022-31 of January 14, 2022, which allowed the creation of this new category of the Highway Code.


We follow the category of light quadricycles in which we find vehicles such as microcars of the AMI (Citroën) or Twizy (Renault) type, golf carts or even electric quads. Our data allows an in-depth analysis for each of the machines in the category.

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