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Today personal travel is changing, we have seen the appearance of scooters in our streets in recent years as well as unicycles. The situation leads us to think that this evolution is sustainable and that all the actors of this new mobility have the need to have regular and detailed data on the different machines and vehicles that compose it.

The Smart Mobility Lab teams offer a catalog of data on subjects such as sales of MPTV (personal motorized transport vehicles), registrations of electric mopeds and electric carts.

Find monthly sales and registrations of new mobility vehicles according to your needs

No more drowning in useless data, we are able to provide you with personalized data according to your needs in terms of geography, history (over one or more fixed or rolling years) and by type of gear.
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Whether you are manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors of machinery, regional manager or insurer, our market figures may be of interest to you. Find the updated files each month in your personal space. This will allow you to update your internal models and be closer to reality.

From electric scooters to carts, our offer allows you to explore the sector that interests you.

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