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It is often difficult to identify important data from supporting data. Our analytics reports allow you to sort through and focus on the ones that matter to you.

Our reports highlight the important figures via infographic boards that you can reuse as is during your project reviews, presentation to the management committee or in your business plans. Each graph is captioned in a clear and understandable way to avoid any misinterpretation.

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Stay in touch with market developments thanks to our recurring studies .

Find our reports in electronic format, renewed every year for some of them, even every semester.

The Smart Mobility Lab teams offer a catalog of reports on topics such as PLEV (personal light electric vehicule) sales, micromobility market forecasts and outlooks and soon analyzes of electric vehicle registration data. of 4kW.

Choose the report that interests you in our catalog and benefit from analysis over at least 3 or even 5 years for the sales barometer of the micromobility market and download it in pdf format. which makes it easy to read on all media.

These reports are mostly available in French and/or English.

From electric scooters to carts, our offer allows you to explore the sector that interests you.

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