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Certain situations often require specific answers that cannot be found in a catalog of offers.

With more than 20 years of experience in the analysis and collection of information, Smart Mobility Lab supports you in defining the best approach and methodology to meet your requests and issues.

The proposed data do not fully correspond to your current needs? Do you want to directly question users or key players in the new mobility sector? Our team will accompany you to carry out qualitative and quantitative studies that will meet your expectations.


Develop tailor-made studies to explore your market and anticipate new emerging uses

The new mobility market is experiencing double-digit growth for certain machines. Every day new things appear.

As a player in this market, you must anticipate new practices and the needs of users of your products and services. Our tailor-made studies allow you to carry them out using our quantitative and/or qualitative survey tools.

Tailor-made studies
adapted to your challenges

A mobility data platform, devices for collecting and processing data at the service of your mobility projects.

We set up data platforms that make it possible to obtain qualified multi-use data: analysis of multimodal traffic flows, understanding of new travel habits, evaluation of the impact of mobility policies, measurement of environmental impact of mobility…

This type of service is carried out in 2 key stages: COLLECTING MOBILITY DATA: the working basis for carrying out studies. We ensure a collection of data from different sources:

  • Constitution of community panels by means of travel composed of several hundred participants
  • Hybridation of data from quantitative questionnaires, GPS trackers, Smart Sensors, calculations of usage impact data, consideration of the life cycles of the various modes of transport concerned…

DATA ANALYSIS: from raw data to data visualization We take care to source, make reliable, exploit and hybridize the data collected. We develop data visualization platforms adapted to your associated mobility projects. Our analyzes accessible via personalized dashboard, personalized reports and/or infographics make it possible to reliably and recurringly measure the mobility studied (Ex: Identify uses, understand modal journeys and modal shifts, calculate the energy savings made, etc. .).


First experiment carried out in Europe which provides unprecedented data on the use of personal micromobility devices Device methodology:

  • Constitution and management of a panel of 650 owners of electric scooters and gyroroues over a period of 2 years in the 13 French metropolitan regions.
  • Recruitment of participants + Processing of monthly follow-up questionnaires which help to understand the daily mobility of the panelists (commuting journeys, timetables, motivations, incidents or accidents, etc.) + Processing of travel data collected using a GPS tracker associated with the micromobility of the respondent.

Qualitative studies , a methodology that enables in-depth exploration of perceptions, uses and attitudes towards new forms of mobility.

In terms of qualitative studies there are different methodologies.

We can question groups of users within the framework of focus groups. We bring together 7 to 8 people who will discuss topics to shed light on your problem. This method is often used to test new concepts. The animation and the analysis of its meetings are carried out by a psycho-sociologist, expert in soft mobility.
There is also the method of individual interviews, we spend 1 hour face to face with users or professionals in order to deepen a theme. This practice is used regularly in order to respond to more in-depth usage issues.
The new mobility market is experiencing double-digit growth for certain machines. Every day new things appear.

We entrusted the firm Smart Mobility Lab with the creation of round tables on our Plume Allure electric scooter. Thanks to Smart Mobility Lab, we took care to listen to feedback from target users, which allowed us to adjust the design of our Plume Allure based on the feedback expressed. The establishment of 3 focus groups challenged us by confronting us with the users’ vision. The studies launched upstream by the Smart Mobility Lab firm have enabled us to act both on the technical characteristics of the product under development (elongation of the deck, for example) and on the range of services offered. Today, we are proud of the launch of our Plume Allure electric scooter. Thank you to the SML teams for their support on the project and for their expertise in conducting meetings, analysis and user knowledge.


Device: 3 focus groups of electric scooter users

The prospective studies and strategic intelligence, expertise at the service of your anticipation of tomorrow’s mobility.

The new mobility market is evolving very rapidly. Being one step ahead is essential.

The teams of the SML Tailor-made Studies division have for many years developed innovative methods based on creative and projective tests, allowing interviewees to project themselves into the future of mobility. In addition, our knowledge of the new mobility sector allows us to collect extensive information and analyze in detail, which facilitates your strategic projections.


Evaluation of the financial thresholds from which the French will be ready to abandon their vehicle to change mobility system and switch to autonomous vehicles. Methodological device:

  • In-depth individual face-to-face interviews of 1h30 (integration of projective tests)
  • 2 focus groups of 2h30 (to facilitate the projection in future trips and the logic of of the autonomous car)
  • Quantitative study with a representative sample of 1,000 French people aged 18 and over
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Quantitative studies , a methodology that validates and measures usage.

It can sometimes be useful to validate observations, hypotheses or intuitions.

Quantitative studies can perform this function by surveying a large sample of people. These studies can be carried out in the street face to face, on the telephone or via the Internet. We are developing a specific questionnaire which will aim to provide you with answers to your questions. The flexibility of this methodology allows you to interview both a representative sample of the French population and a more specific population such as electric scooter users.
As with qualitative studies, our expert will be able to advise you on the most relevant methodologies to implement according to your request.


Identification of risks and types of accidents among users of public spaces (users of electric scooters, motorists, motorized 2-wheelers, cyclists ,…). Methodological device:

  • 8 focus groups of 3 hours (4 groups of electric scooter users / 4 groups of other users of the public space)
  • 1 quantitative survey carried out with a panel of 5,000 French users of public spaces (including 1,000 people who witnessed or suffered an accident on an electric scooter)
  • 20 interviews with accident victims from EDPM (Member of the APACAUVI Association) .

The omnibus study, a reliable and fast response for impactful communication.

In terms of communication, it is important to provide your audiences with reliable and relevant information.

Our omnibus study solution meets this need. Every month, we interview a panel of 1,000 French people representative of the French population on questions related to new mobility. The teams of the SML Studies division are able to integrate 3 to 5 questions of your choice from time to time, depending on the topicality of your agenda. We will assist you in drafting the chosen questions and we will provide you with our analysis of the results.


Obtaining key figures concerning purchase intentions of electric scooters by the French + Integration of key figures in a press release, with a view to a speech by the Federation of micro-mobility professionals. Methodological device:

  • Integration of 5 quantitative questions in a monthly omnibus wave, with a sample of 1,025 French people aged 18 and over/ Opinea-SML Panel
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