Registration data for 4kW electric carts in France (category L6e)

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Stay informed on market developments

Stay informed on market developments

In France, the electric cart has been developing for a few years now. The offer is more and more important and it is interesting to look at the profile of the buyers of these vehicles whose design can sometimes surprise.

Our raw database will allow you to follow the monthly evolution of the figures with qualified and updated data in order to stay as close as possible to the market.

We process the data of light quadricycles whose empty mass is less than or equal to 350kg and the continuous power is less than or equal to 4 Kw (category L6e)

Our file takes into account the brands and models:

  • MFI

Benefit from powerful analysis

Benefit from powerful analysis

The registration data file will allow you a market analysis on a monthly basis:

Precise: You know your performance in relation to the market in volume, over each period studied

Fine: You have information by technical segment and buyer profile

Regular: You measure the evolution of the different segments and their seasonality

Fast: a few days after the end of the period studied, the data is available (D+15)

Reliable: the data is extrapolated to reconstruct the entire market and by segment.

Data sources

Data sources

The data collected comes directly from the databases of the prefectures by our partner AAA Data. They are then enriched by us in order to provide you with information on the models and technical characteristics as well as on the profiles of vehicle owners.

In supplements you will also find the equivalent thermal models of this category to be able to compare your data.

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