France micro-mobility market forecast 2022-2026

The forecast is the forecasting tool for the next few years

The forecast is the forecasting tool for the next few years

Here is the second edition of the micro-mobility market forecast. The previous one, released in 2019, covered the period from 2019 to 2022. As the forecasts have been confirmed, we have renewed the methodology for the period 2022-2025.

This tool will allow you to anticipate developments in this market, which has been expanding rapidly for several years.

Thanks to the raw data file in csv format, you will be able to cross-reference data freely.

An analysis that scans a wide spectrum of products

An analysis that scans a wide spectrum of products

The Forecast includes the Personal Transport Vehicles (PTV) sold in France, which may be mechanical or electric propulsion and cover both urban mobility and leisure mobility uses.


  • Mechanical mobility: mechanical scooters (excluding toys);
  • Electric mobility: electric scooters, electric unicycles, electric balance bikes with saddles, hoverboards, electric skateboards;
  • Peripheral products: PTV components, personal equipment,

* Are excluded from the spectrum skateboards, rollerblades, folding bikes, E-bike

Data sources

The forecasts are based on data feedback from all the distribution channels selling Urban mobility items in France, which allowed the representation of the following channels:

  • GSA: Food supermarkets: Hyper and Super> 2500m2;
  • GSS: Large surfaces specializing in household appliances
  • Multi-sports brands: Supermarkets specializing in sports;
  • Freelancers: Urban Mobility Specialists and Bike Shops;
  • Internet (including marketplace

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