2021 sales barometer in France (raw data)

The micro-mobility sales barometer in France is conducted each year in partnership with the FPMM (the federation of micro-mobility professionals).

Stay informed on market developments

With more than 2 million users of electric scooters in France, the micro-mobility market has been a sector in constant growth for several years.

In 2020, the personal transport equipment (PTV) market increased by 7.1% in value to reach 291.3 million euros and +102% in number of units.

We have interviewed the players in this sector in order to provide you with annual data in volume and value of the market and its evolution.

You will know the sales by type of gear whether for electric scooters, gyroroues, Segways, electric skateboards, electric hoverboards and electric balance bikes.

In the format of a csv file, it will allow you to obtain an accurate and reliable photograph of the market and to carry out all possible data cross-referencing.

Benefit from powerful analysis

Benefit from powerful analysis

The annual barometer of the micro-mobility market in France will allow you to analyze the market:

Precise: You know your performance relative to the market, both in volume and in value

Fine: You have information by machine on the main sales, average selling price by distribution channel

Regular: You measure the evolution of the different segments since 2016.

Reliable: the data is extrapolated to reconstruct the entire market, by segment and by distribution channel.

Data sources

All of the distribution channels selling urban mobility items in France were questioned. The participants in this study provided a representation of the
following channels:

  • GSA: Food supermarkets: hyper and super> 2500m2
  • GSS: Large surfaces specializing in household appliances
  • Multisports brands: Supermarkets specializing in sports
  • Freelancers: Urban Mobility and Bicycle Specialists
  • Internet (including marketplace)

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