Panorama of 2021 micromobility brands in France (-50% on the January 2021 edition)

Find out who your competitors are and how they stack up. Report in English.

Discover all the players in micromobility in France

Discover all the players in micromobility in France

With more than 2 million users of electric scooters in France, the micro-mobility market has been a sector in constant growth for several years.

The number of actors multiplies. We have decided to offer you an overview of all the brands in the micromobility market to help you position yourself among them.

Benefit from powerful analysis

Benefit from powerful analysis

The panorama of brands in the micromobility market will allow you to analyze:

Precise: You know all the players thanks to our exhaustive list of brands.

Fine: You have information by machine, according to price range, power, battery life and weight, which allows you to better position yourself in a varied and rapidly changing universe.

Data sources

Data from our distributor databases.

Des données compréhensibles et facile d’utilisation

Ce rapport permet d’être utilisé de façon simple et directe par vos équipe grâce à une mise en avant des données sous la forme de graphiques et d’infographies.

The summary of your report

  1. Introduction
  2. Methodology
  3. Preamble
  4. PLEV brands and products
    1. Globally
    2. According to the price
    3. According to weight
    4. According to the power
    5. According to autonomy
  5. Models according to price segmentation
  6. Market brand segmentation
    1. GPs
    2. The specialists
  7. Conclusion
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