Barometer of the French and micromobility in France in 2021

The micro-mobility sales barometer in France is conducted each year in partnership with the FPMM (the federation of micro-mobility professionals).

Discover the evolution of the perception of MPTV by the French

Discover the evolution of the perception of MPTV by the French

Since 2018 we have been asking the French about their perception of motorized personal transport devices (MPTV). The scope of the question covers vehicles such as electric scooters, gyroroues, hoverboards, gyropods or segways, electric skateboards and electric balance bikes or cyclomobiles.

In this report you will be able to observe the evolution of their notoriety and their perception in terms of images and uses. The provision of self-service vehicles is also discussed.

Benefit from powerful analysis

Benefit from powerful analysis

The annual barometer of French people and micromobility will allow you to analyze the image of MPTVs :

Precise: You know your performance relative to the market, both in volume and in value

Fine: You have information highlighting the significant differences according to the profile of the respondents and their practice

Regular: You measure the evolution of the different segments since 2018.

Reliable: Data is collected from a sample of over 1000 respondents.

Data sources

Study carried out in October 2021 with more than 1000 respondents from all over France aged 18 and over, sampled according to the quota method to be representative of the French population.

The summary of your report

  1. Study context
  2. French people's perception of MPTVs
    1. Methodology and composition of the sample
    2. The notoriety of the MPTVs
    3. The perception of EPDMs in general
    4. Intentions to use MPTV
    5. The contexts and situations of perceived use
    6. Perceived usage frequencies
  3. The French and self-service MPTVs
    1. The notoriety of this type of use
    2. The perception of self-service scooter services
    3. The intention to use these services
    4. The perception of usage contexts
    5. The use of self-service vehicles and machines
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