SML advice : relying on data to develop new mobility projects.

Experts at your service to integrate the challenges of new mobility into your development strategy.

Within the SML Consulting division, we support companies, cities and territories around the challenges of new mobility and micromobility.

We provide the reading keys and solutions to accelerate the transition to more sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly mobility.

We intervene in the form of action plans, project management, support for your teams and conferences.

Deciphering the challenges of new mobility.

Understand and identify market opportunities and threats to imagine and anticipate future projects

The mobility sector today is facing major challenges. Changes that involve rethinking the relationships between actors and economic models.

  • The digital revolution combined with those of electro-mobility is generating new ways of getting around and the arrival of new players
  • The revolution in uses (hyper-personalization, real-time information) which responds to a need for greater ease, flexibility and autonomy
  • Growing environmental pressure with the effects of climate change, transport representing 28% of GHG emissions in Europe
  • Demographic change, with in particular the concentration of populations in large cities and the upheavals induced by Covid-19 (teleworking, moving to medium-sized cities, etc.)
  • Social and accessibility issues with the difficulty of supporting the most precarious populations towards sustainable mobility solutions
  • The difficult cohabitation within the public space of the different users (pedestrians, trotters, motorists, motorized 2-wheelers, etc.) with the risk of conflicts of use and accidentality
  • The 2019 Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) transforms the way transport operates in France, bringing the development of mobility solutions to everyone and in all territories, stimulating the development of new modes and accelerating the ecological transition in transport.

The SML Consulting division supports you in:

  • Identify the opportunities and threats of these changes in your activity.
  • Integrate the challenges into your development strategy
  • Determine the development prospects of your organization

We help our clients think through their mobility strategy in light of current challenges, the rise of micromobility and emerging mobility:

  • Develop winning strategies in a constantly changing environment.
  • Develop innovations to stay one step ahead
  • Manage the implementation of innovations and validate their acceptability

The optimization of your new mobility projects

Integrate and develop innovative projects around the issue of mobility and micromobility.

Since 2017, we have witnessed the emergence of a fundamental trend around micromobility vehicles in our cities. Bicycles, pedelecs, electric scooters and other motorized personal transport devices have continued to see their sales increase each year to provide connections within cities to get to their place of work.

The electro-mobility revolution is accelerating this process and growing with the development of MaaS services in cities and towns across Europe.

Sharing your “responsible mobility” vision with your employees

Co-create with your teams around sustainable mobility projects, to accelerate the ecological transition in a collaborative dynamic.

Smart Mobility Lab helps guide your private or public company towards more sustainable and responsible mobility within the framework of your CSR policies.

The challenges of new mobility are multiple and at each stage of your project you need the support and involvement of your employees and stakeholders. We intervene on support missions integrating the participation of the teams directly affected by the change, with a view to changing uses or adopting new ones.

Thanks to the Smart Mobility Lab team, co-produce internally for better ownership of your “responsible mobility” projects (mobility plans, etc.).

We intervene via workshop sessions and creativity sessions in a collective dynamic:

  • Co-create mobility plans
  • Involve your teams with team coaching sessions
  • Imagining possible futures together

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