The law imposes the registration of machines from 50 cc

So today we have an official data source to list electric mopeds.

Still a minority in household equipment, electric mopeds are making their way alongside thermals. Among the machines in this category, we find electric balance bikes (scooter type with a saddle), speedbikes or 45km/h electrically assisted bicycles, scooters and 50cc motorcycles.


Find all of our data concerning these electric mopeds.

Be careful, there are balance bikes and balance bikes…

The machines called draisiennes are found in the category of electric mopeds, but also in mopeds.

We have recently distinguished balance bikes according to their power and size. The category of mopeds appeared in January 2022 and more precisely on the 14th when Decree No. 2022-31 concerning them was published.

Today, balance bikes whose speed is limited to 25km / h, the length does not exceed 165cm, the electric motor whose power is less than or equal to 350W and having a weight less than or equal to 30 kg will now be qualified as mopeds electrical.

This implies that those exceeding these legal limits will be classified as mopeds and must be registered. In addition, they are not allowed to ride on cycle paths.

What is the difference between a speed bike and an electric bike?

The two gears look very similar, but there are differences in size.

We see more and more “electric” bikes in our cities, they circulate on cycle paths and weave their way between cars.

But it is necessary to make the distinction between the different models proposed. On our cycle paths we must only come across, according to the regulations, electrically assisted bicycles limited to 25 km/h. The particularity of these machines is that the motor stops when the cyclist stops pedaling.

The speed bike is much faster with a maximum speed of 45km/h. Unlike an e-bike, the motor runs continuously. These bikes are often used to cover longer distances.

Given its power, the regulations oblige users to wear an approved helmet and to register the machine.

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