But what is this funny machine?

Recently introduced on our roads, the electric balance bike is beginning to attract more and more people.

Initially, we are on a bike without pedals. But very quickly more or less original models appeared.

We can come across fairly compact models on the cycle paths whose speed does not exceed 25km/h. These models are classified in the category of cyclomobiles or EDPM (motorized personal transport device such as scooters). In addition to the speed limit with a motor of maximum 350W, these machines have the obligation not to exceed 165 cm in length and 30 kg. These technical characteristics were included in decree no. 2022-31 of January 14, 2022.

All balance bikes exceeding these limits are categorized as mopeds and are then prohibited from cycle paths, must be registered and the protections approved. In this category, you have probably already come across the so-called “COCO” balance bikes. They look like a mini Harley with its thick tires.

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