In 2021, 908,000 electric scooters were sold in France.

This market is growing and innovations in terms of models and equipment are coming in force.

At the last Autonomy show in Paris devoted to new mobility solutions, all you had to do was stroll through the aisles to see the boom in the rapidly evolving sector.

New forms of mobility are not limited to electric scooters or electrically assisted bicycles (EAB). Let’s not forget the other machines that roam our streets such as unicycles, electric skateboards, Segways and hoverboards.

All of these means of transport are called PLEV, Personal light electric vehicle.

51% of personal transport devices in France are electric scooters

A dazzling adoption of the electric scooter by the French: to try it is to adopt it!

Whether in mass retail stores or independent retailers, the craze for scooters has continued to grow in recent years. At the same time, the development of shared mobility offers in large cities has made it possible to democratize the use of scooters for urban mobility uses throughout France and Europe.

The sector offers a wide range of motorized personal transport vehicles

The electric scooter, the unicycle, the electric skateboard or the mini e-moped are increasingly popular alternatives for getting around town.

In France since October 2019, the date of the creation of a specific category of the highway code and the entry into force of new regulations, these machines are regulated with a speed limited to 25km/h. Circulating on cycle paths and on the road, the PLEVs are now part of the landscape and urban traffic. These machines prove to be complementary mobility solutions or even substitutes for cars.

Motorized personal transport vehicles facilitate intermodality

There is a profound trend with the development of intermodal travel, consisting of using several modes of transport for the same journey. These new machines create new possibilities for their users every day.

For a long time, car parks have been set up on the outskirts of large conurbations in order to allow users to access train stations, metro or tram stations by car to reach urban centers by public transport.

Today, motorized personal transport vehicles make it possible to increase intermodality by providing alternative solutions over the last kilometres. For many users, it seems increasingly easy to get around by scooter rather than by car or motorized two-wheeler to avoid congestion in cities.

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