The speed bike stands out for its power

The difference between the electric bike and the speed bike is in the power of their motor.

With the naked eye, it is not easy to differentiate them because their shape is quite similar, but the speed of the electric bike is limited to 25km/h while the speed bike can reach 45km/h. This is due to the power of the motor which is 250W for one against 500W for the second.

Another difference is that with the speed bike, it is no longer necessary to pedal continuously to move forward, unlike the electrically assisted bike, where stopping pedaling causes the motor to stop.

Still underdeveloped in France, in 2021, just over 1000 speed bikes were registered in France.

Specific regulations for speed bikes

Unlike electric bikes, it is forbidden to use the bike lanes with a speed bike.

Given its high speed, this machine falls into the category of mopeds, which then implies different legislation for electrically assisted bicycles. They are therefore in the same category as scooters and mopeds. He therefore has the obligation to circulate like them on the traffic lanes reserved for cars.

For this machine, the owner is obliged to register and insure it. Regarding safety equipment, you must also be careful to have a special approved helmet which is not the classic cycling helmet.

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