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New forms of mobility are at the heart of Smart Mobility Lab’s DNA.

Created in 2017, Smart Mobility Lab is the benchmark firm for micromobility. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of new mobility.

A benchmark in the micromobility market, Smart Mobility Lab deciphers emerging mobility and supports private and public players in their innovative projects.

To study them, we suggest that our clients start from the observation of the market, the uses, the analysis of the actors to build prospective visions and action strategies.


Liberate and facilitate travel with full responsibility,
both in urban areas
only within the territories
low density

Cities and metropolises

They attract an ever-increasing population every day, which leads to a saturation of flows. The increase in road traffic, parking difficulties, pollution problems and the arrival of new machines make the management of urban mobility a climatic, economic and societal issue.

Added to this is the desire of city dwellers to experience new travel experiences by facilitating their daily journeys. Intermodality is becoming a reality with the use of public transport in addition to scooters, bicycles, unicycles or other motorized personal transport devices to cover the last kilometres.


Low density areas

Some areas are little or even not served by means of public transport. New forms of mobility are becoming alternatives to complete the network and promote intermodality.

Added to this is the potential for economic and tourist development for certain territories to integrate these new modes as leisure activities.

We are witnessing an upheaval in uses with the arrival of connected and shared mobility, which today makes it possible to control our movements from our smartphones. All digital tools are taken into account in our needs analyses.

Our mission :

Act at the heart of the new mobility sector by providing our advice, analyzes and key information to private and public players


We provide an integrated approach by combining our data solutions, market forecasts, studies and training. We provide our customers with strategic thinking and action levers to act at the heart of the urban mobility ecosystem that is revolutionizing our travels. Mobility operators, manufacturers, distributors, communities, public institutions call on our expertise.

This expertise in new modes of travel allows us to analyze trends and changes in local daily mobility. We are exploring new vehicles (electric scooters, gyroroues, microcars, speedbikes, electric scooters, etc.) and new associated uses (Ex: multimodal train / electric scooter practices, etc.). Our analyzes and recommendations are aimed at all players interested in the challenges of new forms of mobility.

Observe & decipher

4 centers to support the decision-making of players in the new mobility ecosystem by providing them with appropriate solutions.


SML Consulting

Support your new mobility projects that meet environmental and societal imperatives

Custom studies SML

Develop studies to explore your market and anticipate emerging uses.

DataStore SML

Make our analyzes and data collected available on our platform to decipher market developments and prospects.

Academy SML

Raise awareness and train all users or managers of these new forms of mobility to facilitate their integration in complete safety.

Our engagement :

Support our customers and partners who trust us as closely as possible.


Thanks to their knowledge of the challenges and emerging trends in mobility, our teams advance the projects in which they are involved. The added value of SML is based on our ability to facilitate the understanding of mobility issues.

of our customers

Our team :

We are all committed to the process of sustainable and multimodal mobility.



JEAN AMBERT – CEO Smart Mobility Lab:

A fan of sliding activities and sports since childhood, Jean Ambert naturally turned to urban sliding machines by adopting the first electric scooters and skateboards as soon as they were released in the 2010s.

Expert for 20 years in the business of studies, innovation and team coaching, he observes with concern the congestion and saturation of cities and urban centers. Faced with environmental and societal issues, he decided to explore the solutions offered by emerging mobility by naturally associating his business expertise with the emerging world of micromobility.

In 2017, he founded the expert firm in new mobility Smart Mobility Lab and joined the federation of micro-mobility professionals (FP2M) of which he became a member of the Executive Board.


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Jean Ambert
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